The Making of 8 Billion Angels

8 Billion Angels is a rare full-length environmental film focused on population issues. Producer Terry Spahr joins Phil Cafaro for a discussion of the making of this fascinating film in an episode from season two of The Population Factor. 

by the Overpopulation Project

8 Billion Angels is both visually stunning and thought-provoking. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should! And you can, by checking out these opportunities to see the film.

A good introduction to the film is provided by a new episode from season two of The Population Factor. Producer Terry Spahr discusses what led him to make the documentary, how he chose particular stories from among so many possibilities, whether some aspects of humanity’s environmental predicament are harder to present than others, whether overconsumption or overpopulation is the bigger problem, and more.

8 Billion Angels explores the costs of overpopulation to people and to other species around the world. It discusses how crowding and population growth contribute to the proliferation of infectious diseases and food insecurity. It considers the political obstacles to addressing overpopulation in a world where economic growth is the primary goal pursued by governments. And it asks: now that the evidence is clear that humanity is outstripping Earth’s carrying capacity, what is the alternative to an economic system focused on growth?

You can watch season two of The Population Factor on Earthx TV, streaming for free on your television, or here on your computer. Learn about opportunities to see 8 Billion Angels here.

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2 thoughts on “The Making of 8 Billion Angels

  1. Hello. This production may be a well-meant piece, but to me at first consideration,it looks sorta goofy; and misguided. The problem is not 8 Billion Angels, but rather 8 Billion actual and solid Human Beings. Flesh and blood carbon-cycle beings who eat and take up space on our small planet. Why this distraction?

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