New television show dedicated to population debuts

After months in the works, a new television program devoted to exploring all aspects of the population / environment connection is now streaming free on demand. Dallas-based EarthX TV hosts The Population Factor, whose first episode features an interview with environmental legend Paul Ehrlich. Two other episodes follow: one about the challenges of limiting climate change and its effects, and another on security and the UN’s sustainable development goals.

by The Overpopulation Project

Ever watch a news show or documentary about climate change, biodiversity loss, or some other environmental problem and wonder, “why don’t they talk about how population is related to this?” Us too! That’s why TOP is happy to report the debut of The Population Factor, a new TV show dedicated to exploring all aspects of population and environmental protection.

The Population Factor aims to become the spot for honest and probing discussion of population issues in the English-speaking world. Hosted by TOP’s co-principle investigator Phil Cafaro, no topics are off limits or too controversial to explore. Check out the first three episodes, streaming for free on demand!

Episode 1, Introducing the population factor, features an interview with environmental legend Paul Ehrlich. Paul discusses the genesis of his famous IPAT equation, the recent World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity, and whether he thinks addressing population or consumption is more difficult. He also speculates on what the optimal population would be for the United States and gives his considered opinion on the Trump presidency.

Episode 2, Population and climate change, explores one of the major environmental problems facing humanity today. How do human numbers impact climate change and what role might curbing population growth play in meeting this challenge; not just in limiting its scope, but in helping poorer countries adapt to the climate change that is coming? Join Jane O’Sullivan, Senior Research Associate at the University of Queensland, and Kathleen Mogelgaard, Senior Fellow at the Population Institute, for this fascinating discussion.

Episode 3 explores Population growth and the UN’s sustainable development goals. Can we create a better world, with security and opportunity for all, in a context of continued rapid population growth? Should the SDGs include population stabilization as an explicit goal? Phil discusses these and related questions with Florence Blondel, environmental and global justice campaigner, and Olivia Nater, senior campaigner at Population Matters, UK.

The Population Factor streams on EarthX TV, a new internet TV platform with a mission to educate, inspire and enable a more sustainable world. Future episodes will discuss whether or not humanity is currently overpopulated, consider an environmental impact statement on US immigration policy, explore solutions to rapid population growth, and show how population decreases have paved the way for ecological restoration opportunities in countries around the world.

Have an idea for an episode? Share it in the comments section below, and Phil and producer Rob Harding will consider making it!

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