Starting a dialogue on immigration, population growth and the environment

Recently The Overpopulation Project researchers published an opinion piece in the national newspaper Svenska Dagbladet titled “Environmental concerns call for reduced immigration”. In it, we discuss the demographic implications of Swedish immigration policy and consider the potential environmental impacts of future population growth. This essay was one of the newspaper’s most widely read/downloaded for the month and called forth numerous thoughtful responses for which we are grateful.


In addition to dozens of online and offline comments, Svenska Dagbladet published lengthy responses which you can find here and here. Our final published response in SvD, “Hard and long-term choices about population and the environment” clarifies our ethical framework and reiterates our commitment to balancing the demands of national and global citizenship. We welcome your further thoughts!

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2 thoughts on “Starting a dialogue on immigration, population growth and the environment

  1. Thank you for sharing the original and responses. Good to see that many people, including researchers from various universities, are engaging in this debate.

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