Welcome to our webpage!

It is a resource for all those interested in overpopulation and in creating environmentally sustainable societies. We will also report from our research project, started recently.

High quality research, well-informed books, and good reports and articles about the effects of global human population growth, and solutions to this problem, are widely scattered in various scientific journals and over the internet. There is, as far as we know, no scientific society focused on population issues as they relate to ecological sustainability. There are, however, many activist organizations working to alert people to the dangers of overpopulation and to encourage family planning. Take a look at the many good articles and books listed on our webpage. Check out the many organizations, and if you find one that seems to be doing particularly good work, please consider supporting it financially.

We are proud in having worked hard to present the best recent population research on our webpage. Should we have missed something, please contact us! We want to publicize good research on the subject. If you want to receive occasional news about our project, send us your e-mail address through the contact form on the webpage. If you are a researcher and want to tell us about your research or propose a collaboration, send me an e-mail.

Regularly you will find new blogs here – about publications, initiatives, or results. Participants in TORP will write most of these, but we also welcome guest blogs from colleagues and readers of our webpage.

We thank the Global Challenges Foundation, Stockholm, for providing generous support to our efforts and to our research project.


Frank Götmark

Project manager and main contact person



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One thought on “Welcome to our webpage!

  1. https://www.vk.se/2301218/undanroj-politiska-beslut-att-oka-befolkningen-i-umea​ En artikel i Västerbottenskuriren 180409. Jag tror att kommunalpolitikernas strävan till hög befolkningsväxt i sina kommuner är en beaktansvärd drivare för hög befolkningstillväxt i världen.
    Jag hittade ingen annan kommentar på bloggen och kanske inviger den nu.
    Eftersom immigration från utlandet är ett för tabubelagt ämne tar jag upp tråden här. Jag föreslår en utvidgad studie om kommunalpolikers roll som drivare för befolkningstillväxt.
    Jag föreslår att detta projekt uppmuntrar till privata initiativ i specifika kommuner i likhet med vad jag försöker.

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